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Science! – “I Know You Rider” (Dead Covers Project 2014)

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Clear the Chaos band members

Chaos Theory and Common Bonds | Clear The Chaos

~ by Cindy Teixeria ~ Check out these selected songs from their new “Brothers & Sisters” CD One of the questions I ask people from any walk of life is their definition of success. For many musicians, the answer is to be famous and go on tour. I appreciate the honesty of such from younger bands, because that’s what a rock star life seems to be. In the case of Clear the Chaos, still teens but uber talented, the answer surprised me. Until I read their bios I didn’t know the depth of these guys. Having seen them for the first[...]

Bird On A Wire ~Music News

Post Adolescence will be releasing their 7-track EP ‘Goodbye from the Future’

~by Robin Fairbanks ~  Post Adolescence will be releasing their 7-track EP ‘Goodbye from the Future’, at their EP Release show on Sat, May 10th at The Hard Rock and on the Worldwide Web on Tues May 13th. Advance Tickets: Download the first single off the album called “HINDSIGHT”. A fan favorite, this track is about love, drugs and the anger phase of loss features guest vocals from Swords for Arrows’s singer and guitarist, Travis Nelson.  The album was recorded and mixed at Soul Kitchen Studios, Seattle by Engineer-Mark Clem and Mastered by Steve Turnidge, ARS Divina, Seattle.[...]

Strangely Alright

Strangely Alright Party Rocks the Hard Rock

~ David Kosin ~ On Saturday April 12th 2014 at the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Seattle, Maurice The Fish Records presented three marvelous bands: Raymond Hayden & The Monster In The Dark, StoneAge Thriller, and Strangely Alright. All together they let their music soar to new heights with each of the stunning shows, one after the next creating a tremendous pace to the event altogether.  Setting the amazing night off was Raymond Hayden & The Monsters In The Dark with their dramatic, bellowing, flash, invoking a heroic sense in the lyrics of every song. Certainly happiness was in full[...]

Bird On A Wire ~Music News

Preview: Kris Orlowski Album Release at Showbox / Campfire OK and St. Paul de Vence

The stage is set for the much anticipated album from Kris Orlowski. ‘Believer’ has been a labor of love, blood, sweat, and tears. Kris Orlowski is known for taking his time and putting out quality product. I admire that. You automatically know that whatever he puts out will be worth the wait, worth the price, and worth sharing. Kris has this velvety crooning style that just seems so effortless and his Cd’s are one of my constant road companions. ‘Believer’ is more honest, with his storytelling unencumbered by a full orchestra, he lets each story breathe so it’s less about[...]

Sam Roberts Band

Sam Roberts Band and Western Haunts

~ David Kosin ~ Last Thursday the Western Haunts and Sam Roberts Band tore through a packed house at the Tractor Tavern like a hurricane on Broadway! It’s always a great site to see, behold Western Haunts their fourth release, The Ambassador E.P. has been ranked #6 on KEXP, and featured on MTV. The music they create is, “fueled by uprising and in the spirit of the folk revival music tradition.” They have played bills with artists the likes of Jessica Lea Mayfield, Moondoggies, Frontier Ruckus, and Motopony also featured live performances during the coveted Capitol Hill Block Party. They[...]

Bird On A Wire ~Music News

The W Seattle, a hidden Gem in the City of Music.

~by Robin Fairbanks ~  Seattle, the City of Music, is known for satisfying music lover’s palates 7 nights a week boasting some of the most notable and historical venues such as The Showbox Market, The Crocodile, and The Comet but music flows out of Seattle’s pores and sometimes in the most interesting places. The W Seattle, 1112 4th Ave, is a hip hotel in the heart of Seattle, probably more recognizable by it’s beautiful building that adds so much to the Seattle landscape than its contribution to the Music Industry but that is changing as the W Seattle is making[...]

Louie G's Stage

Clear The Chaos and Eclectic Approach at Louie G’s

~by Sabrina Hamilton~  Greetings again my friends and music lovers. I have two very exciting bands to share with you today. Last night I took myself to Louie G’s Pizza in Fife, Washington and had a blast. First of all, if you haven’t experienced a show at Louie G’s, you might want to put it on the to-do list. A very family-friendly and relaxed environment, delicious smelling pizza (I regrettably did not have a slice), and a great stage with excellent lighting for the bands to perform upon. What more could you ask for, really? As Louie G says, “Welcome[...]

Brown Bag Alley

Hookin’ Up with Strangers

~ by Cindy Teixeria ~  The Experience Music Project in Seattle is an amazing place. If you’ve never been, go. Inside there is a map, or at least they used to have one, where you can find a connection to Nirvana. It’s pretty interesting and although I thought it through, I couldn’t find an obvious connection between my band and anyone in Nirvana. If I were to make a similar map, it might look a lot like that one, although my connections are more diverse than just bands. So lately I’ve been thinking about all the people I know in[...]

Nicki Bluhm

From Western to West Coast: Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers Review

~review by Sabrina Hamilton~ From Western to West Coast: Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers Review Greetings my friends and music lovers! Today I am summoning my Kansas roots and sharing with y’all my experience at the Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers show at Neumos. First off, I must admit, I never would have guessed that Seattle had such a loyal following of country/vintage western/Americana fans… but I was pleasantly surprised Saturday night, with the appearance of boots, denim, and cowboy hats aplenty – on AND off the stage! Opening for Nicki Bluhm was a lovely ensemble, lead by singer-songwriter Carly[...]


The Great B.B. King plus Ayron Jones and The Way at the Moore Theatre

~review by David Kosin~ The first time I had the majestic experience of witnessing B.B. King, one of blues most prolific and grand living legends was at the Snoqualmie Casino in 2013. As that show came to a close B.B. brought his grandson out on the stage along with his granddaughter. The eclectic spectacle felt complete after an amazing night reliving the best of B.B.King’s memorable classics. This past Monday at the Moore Theatre, B.B. King and his outstandingly talented band headlined, teaming with Ayron Jones and The Way for a real show for the ages! Ayron Jones and The[...]

Sabrina Hamilton

Patience, Rhythm & Symmetry: The Tigger Clarkson Band

~ by Sabrina Hamilton ~ To my friends and music lovers- hello! It is with great honor today that I introduce you to a band out of North Carolina called the Tigger Clarkson Band. This rock/soul group is cleverly named after its founding father, Tigger Clarkson- a fine gentleman who has not only served his country, but has found passion in sharing his many musical talents as a songwriter, storyteller, guitarist, and singer with the world. And for that, we are thankful! Other members include Harley Blasingame (piano, keyboards, organs, synths, backing vocals), Daniel Pesavento (electric and upright bass, backing[...]